Woof's are dog like creatures, that are not to be taken lightly. These vicious beasts appear in areas, blocking the way. If Kya is too slow, they will make her their next meal. Their first appearance is in the Hunters Domain.
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the red woof


Woof's are normally completely purple, with pointy ears, big teeth and four legs. The rare woof is a reddish-orange.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Woof's run at an alarming speed, once they attack Kya, it is a one hit kill.


Woofs are agile and strong, it is not easy to run from them, and they cannot be defeated in traditional ways.


These are ways to fight and defeat a Woof.

  • Kya can use Bombs and Bomb Cannons to shoot bombs at the Woofs to kill them.
  • If Kya is right next to a ledge, she can duck when the Woof approaches, this causes the Woof to jump over the ledge and fall to it's demise.


These are ways to escape a Woof.

  • Kya must run very far away from it, eventually it will give up.
  • When the Woof is running towards Kya, if she ducks at the right time, this causes it to jump over Kya and gives her some time to escape. Sometimes, there will be a trap for kya to make the woof run or jump into.

Note: *Unlike Wolfen, when they see Kya riding a jamgut, they will still attack her.

Rare WoofEdit

  • Hunters Domain - Trapped in a cage with a sign next to it that tells you it's name. When the rare woof is not there, the sign will say that it has gone hunting Nativs.

Woof's SignEdit

A Sign near the Woof's cage says the following.

Gone hunting the Nativs



  • Woof's are a clear reference to the modern day Dog
  • Woof's make an echoing bark sound when they fall off a ledge.