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Wolfen City

Wolfen City is the home base for Wolfen.


  • Mountain Village
  • Large Dungeon/Prison


Wolfen City, unlike Nativ City, is high up in the mountains. They both share a grassy terrain, but unlike Nativ City, is high in the mountains. The city does not contain any monsters, only Wolfen. There are two parts to Wolfen City, the first part is the top, outer level. This area is on the mountains, and contains some nature life, with grass, and trees. The other part of the City, is an underground encampment, it contains Wolfen of all kinds.


Kya goes to the Wolfen city after finding all of the Runes. Kya is captured after reaching an enclosed mountain space, and ends up inside of Wolfen City's dungeon. She is captured by the Wolfen, and caged by Brazul. Her weapons, and items, are taken away from her. Brazul locks her up in a floating cage, she finds a way out, by taunting a Wolfen into knocking her cage onto the ground, which ends up freeing her.

Shell ElevatorsEdit

There are three shell elevators in Wolfen City.


Wolfen City leads to the following areas.



  • You can actually skip this entire area by accessing a Jamgut early. This lets you jump over the area that triggers the cut scene that dumps you in the prison area.
  • Despite being a city, in reality it's more like a dungeon.
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