As the name suggests, Wolfen Bases are highly protected areas, filled with Wolfen. Most bases are structured like fortresses, and tend to guard something, such as special items, or the entrance to another place in the game. Most Wolfen Bases require Kya, to be stealthy.
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Flying ForestEdit

The Flying Forest has two Wolfen Bases, they are found on the first, and third choices on the Flying Forest Shell Elevator.

  • First Wolfen Base - Is located at the very end of the first area, the Wolfen here are guarding the Blue Egg.
  • Second Wolfen Base - The third base is located in the beginning of the third Shell Elevator entrance. The Wolfen are guarding an Extra Energy Bar. The locations to the Hunters Domain, and The Air Post, are both hidden within this Wolfen Base.

Wolfen CityEdit

Wolfen City has one Wolfen Base, which is the largest base in the game, and contains the most amount of Wolfen.

  • Wolfen Prison - Is located on the second choice of the Shell Elevator, and can only be ventured to, once Kya has been captured by the Wolfen.


  • Upon entering the Wolfen Base, the background music changes.
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