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  • I live in New York
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Male


  • I am currently busy with IRL, so I'm not going to be very active for a while. But do plan to come back in the future, and I will stop by every now and again, to check up, and for damage control.

About MeEdit

About Me----
✔ Ridiculousness Verified
Bar-Kya Bar-Bwitch Bar-Karaboss

They look like they're about to do a special attack!!

Hey There! I'm Hotspot! I'm a fan of Anime, Video Games, Graphic Design, Art, Nature, Photography, Drawing, Creative Writing and much more! My favorite video games are Suikoden, Kya Dark Lineage and Chrono Cross.

This is a list of Wiki's that I frequent, or have a special interest in.
Wiki Status Activity
Kya Dark Lineage Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) Active
Suikoden Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Admin) Active
Saint October Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Adopter) Active
Grim Grimoire Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) "Inactive"
Yaoi Wiki User "Magically Appears", "Magically Disappears"
Chrono Trigger/Cross Wiki User Inactive
Goulart Knights Wiki User I want to make it look nice!

I like her box thingy

Game PlanEdit

The time is now, I'm going to revamp this wiki! I originally started the wiki when I was 17 and a complete idiot who didn't understand anything, nor did I know proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. There are plenty of sore spots on the wiki and I need to fix them! I'm going to go around and see if anyone else is interested in rebuilding the wiki with me, I'm also going to fix certain parts first, before telling anyone. The wiki is also going to get a new look, since the current one is eh....-August 2015

As of October-November 2015, I've stopped working on articles for the most part and have been paying closer attention to adding images to the wiki. The more images uploaded, the better an article will look with more images that are added to it.

Things to doEdit

New PagesEdit

This is a list of the following Pages I would like to make in the future! But first, I have to make the current articles better.

*Scrawny Wolfen - Scrawny - Scrawny Club - Scrawny Gun


Boomy Storm Ice Attack Wave Attack Fireball Lightning Attack



Trap Bombs Electric Bombs

Monsters Enemies Animals Make a Royal Jamgut (It's currently redirecting to Jamgut).

Free Fall/Gallery Surfing/Gallery Fighting/Gallery Fighting Bracelet Gallery

Unknown World Article.

Speed Racing 2 Speed Racing 3 Speed Racing 4 FreeFall 2 FreeFall 3 FreeFall 4

Wolfen Blimp

Release Dates

BATTLE , with a list on fighting enemies and how to defeat them. Along with a battle gallery, images of Kya fighting numerous enemies in enemy order. (Wolfen, scrawny, Shocker... etc..)

Certain Item Articles can have an image gallery, but only if they have at least five images.

Image categories for different wolfen types, Grunt, Scrawny.. etc.

Mana Gallery, Amber Gallery

Add ALL Artwork to the Artwork page.

Crates, page

Let's create non Kya pages for the following.... Game consoles, Playstation, Xbox.. etc.. Tribe Quest, Fashion Rush, Alone In the Dark Possible new page ideas for games, the following pages link to those games..

  • Manuel Lauvernier, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, Need for Speed: V-Rally 2, Starshot: Space Circus Fever

Important RevampsEdit

  • I must fix the Image Gallery page, it's too long and too many pictures, it slows the computers down.. etc.. I'd like to just group it into a list of links.
  • Find out how to make those bokmarks at the top of a page, that link to image galleries, as seen on Suikoden and Seven deadly sins wiki. I may have to ask Milk how to do that, since I could not figure the code out on Suiko Wiki.
  • Make the new infobox, and learn how to make it red.

Work OnEdit

These categories/ articles in the categories.

  • Rewrite - These are copy and pastes of the wikipedia articles (Granted from 2006-08.. so it won't be the same, but it's still a mess.
  • Playstation 2 Games - This category must be deleted, but it will not let me use one of the features on the BG& E page.
  • Update These pages need to be updated. (Change Mysterious desert world to unknown world.)
  • Articles of Interest - These pages can be added to the main page.
  • Work on the Egamia edition of Kya,
  • I want to add info boxes to item, and destination pages.

Character PagesEdit

Add Youtube video, of each character. This is done on many wiki's, and I'll have to somehow make a youtube video of that character as well. Example: link

People PagesEdit

The list below is how far I have gotten to complete the pages, to a good amount.. This is by listing the following..

  • What Games/shows or movies they've done.
  • Putting their infobox up
  • Picture, if it can be found.


  • Articles of interest AOI

What should be addedEdit

Wiki Design IdeasEdit

There are interesting features on other wiki's I would like to add to the Kya Wiki.

  • Main page slider, more interesting?


I've been doing an image dump of what is on my computer.. afterwards, I will check out the 10 images I have on my flashdrive and then check out the E-Cards I have on Here.. then maybe try my old Imageshack account, and photobucket for some more goodies.

The sites below are where I am obtaining the images.

Image GalleriesEdit

I've made the image galleries kind of sloppy, un-attractive and blurry pictures show up in the worst way.. and the pictures are not in order of any kind. The rule of thumb will be, if there are more than 8 images that show up on each gallery section, the 8 best images will be displayed at the top. The blurry, gross images will always stay at the end. But other than the best and the worst, the rest of the images will be in order of appearance. We don't want the first boss appearing on the first part and have the entrance to the first level at the end. So, this is where I will post my progress on fixing it up (Which I really should have done from the beginning)

Lining Up ArticlesEdit

Each Character section needs the following.

  • Image with the info box, which also needs to be fixed.
  • Basic description of the character.
  • Appearance of Character (Frank looks like a Bologna Sammich)
  • Personality, Happy go lucky, rude.. etc..
  • Story, what do they do in the story?
  • Trivia, Frank wears purple underwear (Not really, but maybe, who knows.)


  • Image, maybe an info box in the future
  • Description
  • Appearance
  • Attacks & Abilities
  • Battle (How to fight it)
  • Locations (Where does it appear)
  • Rare animal
  • Trivia


  • Description
  • Appearance
  • Uses
  • Locations
  • Sold at.. (If Applicable)
  • Trivia

  • Image, maybe an info box.. ooh..idea!
  • Type of land, sandy, wet..
  • Environment, flying rocks, giant thorns, Big mountains.
  • Story - Why does Kya go there, what happens?
  • Rare Animal
  • Shell Elevators
  • Enemies
  • Trivia

  • Where is the Item/Enemy found? (The Roots, Fortress ETC)
  • What are they, Item/Monster/Destination
  • Characters, What race/species are they? What abilities/Weapons do they have?
  • Always add the Pages category, to keep track of the pages on the wiki. This does not include adding Page category to categories itself.

Badges SituationEdit

The new badge system is awesome! But it doesn't account for previous edits.. so there are lot's of badges I should have, but I don't because it's counting now.. and doesn't count prior.. so I'm going to go around re-uploading pictures just to delete them.. and same with categories and what not.. this way I can get those badges.. because I'm a ho and I want those badges!!! XD Unfortunately, I cannot get the "Wiki Creator Badge" because of this.. which suuucks donkey nuts. But this badge.. is mine!! Mine I tell you, mine!!


But, here's where I am...

  • I took the pictures off of Nativ City and re-added them.
  • Make a User badges list and post how to get them.


  • Categorize all image files
  • Trashing Characters with Boomies.. and replacing it with Boomy Users. There's two characters so far, Kya and Hunters Domain Wolfen... I think there's another one.. but I can't remember.
  • I need to focus on the Categories first (Kya Dark Lineage, Pages), and then the Navigational boxes. Create a list of all of the pages. Rework articles.. change the Character templates.


  • Fan Art and Fan fiction sections for the Wiki, for Kya Dark Lineage.
  • Allowing the use of making wiki pages for non Kya Dark Lineage topics.. such as Malice and Beyond Good & Evil, this creates more pages and activity and may even draw new users in.
  • Translating the wiki in other languages for other users... someone already started this months ago by making two new pages in french.
  • Some help
  • Wiki overworld guide Template, Icon Lister, Overworld

Playing the gameEdit

When I finally get around to playing the game again, here is what I'd like to do.

Useful ThingsEdit

I see I might post it now, I hope we are not late. If you wanted to change the community message please use the Template:Community Notice Message it is link to MediaWiki:Communitymessages-notice-msg If you have a problem on the Template:Community Notice Message. Please go to the MediaWiki:Communitymessages-notice-msg and paste the announcement there.

How to make the layout like this?


Wolfen Walkthrough Tips and Tricks Walkthrough Script Story

Other GamesEdit

Here are some other game articles I would like to put on the wiki.

  • Scaler
  • Beyond Good & Evil
  • Malice - I would like to add more, put characters..etc..
  • Godai - The game wasn't that great, but I should give it a retry. Actually, I found this game at an electronics bin at a grocery store near me.. back when I was like 14. The fun thing about this one, is that it was also near a copy of Kya!

Sly Cooper Suikoden Chrono Mirrors Edge Insecticide Forever Kingdom No one lives forever Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Red Ninja: End of Honor Mischief Makers Crush Haunting Ground Primal Ghosthunter Bubba ‘n’ Stix Chakan:The Forever Man Space Bunnies Must Die Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy NiGHTS into Dreams Tork: Prehistoric Punk Guardian Heroes

The Legend of Dragoon

The Bouncer Vagrant Story Cel Damage

Websites With KyaEdit

These are Websites with Kya on their page, that I would like to contribute to.


The requester should be either an active admin, or link to a discussion with an active admin of the wikia who agrees to the spotlight.✔ The wikia should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs. Stub, or very short articles (less than about 300 bytes; listed at Special:Shortpages) and articles marked with a stub template should make up no more than a fifth of all pages. Spotlight The main page should have at least one picture, and clear links to the most important content. It should not be sysop-protected from editing unless there is a strong history of vandalism; protecting against anonymous editors and new accounts is ok. There should be a clear category structure to help readers navigate around the site. Every content page should be in a category (Special:UncategorizedPages should be empty).✔ The community should not be in the middle of choosing new admins, or any other upheavals; it should be a stable, friendly place.✔ The wikia should be using the Wikia welcome tool, signed by admins -- (MediaWiki:Welcome-user should say @latest, @sysop or the name of an admin.)✔ The message in the Community Center on Recent Wiki Activity should be customized. (MediaWiki:Community-corner) The wikia should have a customized skin. The wikia should not use offensive language or include inappropriate images. Quote: Discover Kya's, Dark Lineage,

Media Wiki

Welcome to Suikoden Wiki also known as Suikoden Wikia! Thanks for taking care of Alenia page.

Need Help or have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. We are glad to answer it with the best of our knowledge. You can leave a message on Board:Question and Answers, local admin listed here or on my talk page. If you have any comment and suggestion to improve Suikoden Wiki community are welcome.

You may also visit and read the Community Rules here. Thinking of what to do in the wiki? Have no fear, you can visit the What To Do page. It just might give you an idea.

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Check OutEdit

Main PageEdit


Kyadarklineage This user is a Kya Dark Lineage fan

Av-75 This user is a Kya fan

Boomy This user is a fan of the almighty Boomy

Kya Similarities With BG&E & MaliceEdit

The following are similarities between Kya Dark Lineage and Beyond Good & Evil/Malice/Alice Similar Games

  • Both have female protagonists
  • The population consists of anthromorphic characters, with a few humans.
  • The main enemy is a horde of the same species (Kya=Wolfen) (BG&E=Domz), there are usually different tactics used to defeat them, than with other enemies.
  • Monsters can be collected as the story progresses. In Kya, they are captured, and in BG&E, photographs are needed of all species.
  • Obtain a vehicle or creature that helps reach unreachable places.
  • Both girls have a long range (Kya=Martial Arts) (Jade=Dai Jo) and short range weapon (Kya=Boomy) (Jade=Gyrodisk Launcher).

  • Both have female protagonists with a sassy attitude.
  • Main weapon has two upgrades.
  • Quirky cast, with light humor.

  • Female Protag
  • Both girls have a long range (Kya=Martial Arts) (Alice=Knife) and short range weapon (Kya=Boomy) (Alice=Pepper gun).
  • They obtain bombs to blow up structures in the way.
  • Both worlds are very Fantasy like

My sitesEdit

  • Suiko-Kya-Cross - A Suikoden, Chrono and Kya Dark Lineage forum... as well as general chat.
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