These are characters who are mentioned or heard in Kya: Dark Lineage, but never make an actual, physical appearance in the game.

Kya & Frank's MotherEdit

Kya & Frank's mother, is mentioned near the end of the game when Kya finds out about her alien lineage. Frank makes it clear that Kya is only half alien, since their mother is human.

Frank's FatherEdit

Franks dad is only mentioned in the beginning of the game, he has always been there for Frank and was even there for Kya, when her own father was absent.

The SnoreEdit

The Snore is a Nativ that is mentioned by other Nativs, he is known for making people fall asleep with his boring stories. Read More..

Mysterious CreatureEdit

After departing the Nativs world, they appear in a new unknown world. However, they are not alone, as a strange unseen creature screams and attacks them.