Have you seen The Snore?! He is so boring! Don't let him talk to you! - Nativ


The Snore is a character who is never actually seen in the game, he's mentioned by random Nativs around Nativ City. Any Nativ that Kya talks to, may comment saying that he should not be talked to, because he is so boring. It's implied that The Snore makes people fall asleep to his conversations.

It's unknown if The Snore was supposed to originally be a character more important to the story; considering there were many characters that changed over time or were cut out completely. In the end run, he was just a Nativ civilian mentioned by random villagers around the town.


  • The Snore is the only known Nativ to not have their name start with an A, unless "The Snore" is actually a nickname.
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