Items Name The Medallion
Mana 500
Uses Opening portals to other worlds.

The Medallion Is an artifact, that when combined with Runes and the Receptacle, will open a magical portal to other worlds.


The Medallion is a powerful artifact that allows access to other worlds, it is acquired by finding the Receptacle and all 7 Runes, together they form the Medallion. There is a Medallion in each world, and they stay in their perspective world. In order to move from one world to another, the user must find the medallion in the current world they reside in.


The Medallion first appears in the beginning of the game; when Kya and Frank discover Brazul's secret room. Frank finds the medallion, and after tinkering with it, a portal opens, sucking them both in. The Medallion doesn't reappear until the end of the game, once Kya has defeated Brazul, retrieved the receptacle and all of the runes. Gathering around the altar that Frank made, Kya, Frank, Atea, Area, Bird and Stuff, say their goodbyes. While Atea mentions he's never been good at them, he also suggests that the two of them stay with the Nativs. However, Kya has made up her mind and along with Frank, will go back to their world. Atea States that Brazul knew how to choose which world to go to, by using the Medallion, and now all of that information is lost. Kya and Frank jump into the portal, and appear in the Mysterious Desert World, where they are attacked by an unknown creature.

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