The Kya Wiki is a wiki for all users about the game, Kya: Dark Lineage. This is the policy for the wiki, and users should abide them.

The Kya Wiki allows users a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, and a learning experience. The goal is to allow users to make friends, and talk about this wonderful game that viewers either know about, or are interested in learning more about.

The following is a list of rules that must be upheld.


  1. Do not add any fake information, if you aren't sure if something is true or false, feel free to talk about it in the forums, talk page on the article, comment section in the article, or another user on wiki (In their message page).
  2. Refrain from using personal opinions as a fact on an article, as well as using certain words such as "I" or "U". If you think this "Is a bomb ass game", it doesn't belong on the article itself, but in the forums or in the comment sections.
  3. Be nice to everyone, we aren't competing and all because you see things differently does not give you the right to be negative, rude or mean to someone else.
  4. No negative commenting in the Editor's summary box, anything rude or nasty is not allowed. Don't be a jerk, no patronizing, condescending tones. We're all in this together, not against each other. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly, we all see things differently.

Feel free to check out Wikia's own article Common Mistakes

Fan Art

  1. Fan Art is allowed to be posted in the proper Fan Art categories, however you must ask permission from the owner of the fan art and ask if it is okay to post it, before posting it on here. If you're posting images of a character generator, make sure the website allows for the images to be posted elsewhere. Also, post a link to the website or name, when uploading the image, so others can use.
  2. No Nude or pornographic materials are allowed.


  1. We are all here on the Kya wiki for a reason (Most likely), we're here to find out about the game, help out the wiki, and many other reasons. This is a wiki to have fun, we're a light hearted community. There is no place for negative stick in the muds, this is not Wikipedia, the content here can be more loose and relaxed.


  1. The first warning will be a message by an administrator, just explaining not to pull an offense, or there will be consequences next time.
  2. The second warning will be a ban for 1 week.
  3. The third warning is a ban for a month.
  4. The Fourth warning will be a permanent IP ban.

If the user has not made an offense for 6 months after doing a 1-3 offense, the points will diminish.

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