The Hunter



Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Wolfen
Role Hunter's Domain Boss
Status Deceased
Origin Hunters Domain
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations The Wolfen, Brazul
Allies Brazul, Brazul's Bird, Wolfen
Enemies Atea, Bird, Kya, Frank, Aton, Area, Akasa, Stuff
Weapons Boomy, Bombs
Abilities Airship Driving
English Voice Actor Unknown
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The Hunter is a strong Wolfen in charge of the Hunters Domain, as well as the boss fight of the Hunter's Domain level.


Clothes:The Hunter, wears a green leotard, with a brown fur vest, belt, as well as a tall brown hat. He has two armbands on each side, as well as double brown gloves, with his right glove being longer. To top it off, he has dark brown-black shows and has a Boomy just like Kya, except it's tied around his neck on a string.

Color:He is a typical gray, like most Wolfens and has a muscular build. He has two saber tooth teeth, as well as a beard wrapped specifically with red bands. Like other Wolfen, he has a tail, but what makes him unique is his tusks coming from his ears, which may be ornamental.


The Hunter is never met outside of battle, so it is unknown what his personality is like. But due to being a wolfen under Brazul, it's assumed he is quite violent and only follows Brazul.


While Kya, is in Nativ City. Atea and Area, go to the Hunters Domain, looking for clues about Kya's brother. Once Kya enters the Hunter's Domain for herself, she finds out that Atea was kidnapped by "The Hunter". Upon arriving at Nativ City, to obtain a Jamgut Birdcall, she finds Aton and Area arguing. Area ran away from the Hunter and left Atea behind, Aton is upset, but refuses to let Kya help rescue Atea. After the two continuously bicker about Atea being kidnapped, Kya puts it upon herself to save Atea.

As a BossEdit




The battle begins with the Hunter, tossing an electric bomb, followed by a ten second timed bomb, that must be kicked onto the balloons that keep The Hunter's airship afloat.

NOTE: This pattern is repeated for the duration of the fight.

When all balloons have been detonated, the machine will start to blow fire as well. Now Kya has to kick the bombs into the machines mouth in order to damage and defeat him.


  • The Hunter's artwork can be seen in the art gallery once the game has been beaten.
  • The Hunter shares the most weapons with Kya, as they both use Electric Bombs, Explosive Bombs and the Boomy.
  • When defeated, The Hunter honorably goes down with his airship like a true captain.
  • The Hunter, along with the Lava Worm. Are the only bosses to be fought, and defeated with the Boomy. Kya uses her martial arts skills to fight the other bosses.
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