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The fortress is a floating fortress in the sky, and also the last place in the game, there are only 13 Wolfun in the fortress. The wolfun are all in one big arena in the beginning, If Kya exorcised all of the wolfun previously; exorcising these will have caused her to exorcise all of the wolfun in the game.


  • An impenetrable Fortress.


The Fortress is covered by clouds and thunderstorms, for the most part it is consistent of rock, there is however a murky sewage system hidden underground. Which leads to a canyon, that occasionally fills with lava. It's only escape is to rush up a giant tower of rock.


Kya goes to the fortress to defeat Brazul, obtain the stolen runes and free the rest of the Wolfen.

The Shell Elevator brings her to the front of the Fortress, there is a local Amber crystal and Mana that she can utilize. In front of her, is a giant door. Once she enters the giant door, it is a one way street and the player cannot go back. Kya must fight and defeat 13 Wolfen, these are the final Wolfen in the game. Upon defeating the Wolfen, Kya must navigate through a secret sewage system. After she passes through the sewers, she finds herself in front of Aton in Wolfen form. She must defeat Aton to move on, but she has to be careful because, Aton has a special gun that can turn a human into a Wolfen! After she fights and defeats Aton, lava rises and there is not time to rescue Aton. Kya must climb the top of a rocky tower, filled with obstacles before the rising lava hits her.

Shell ElevatorEdit

There is only one shell elevator, it is in the beginning of the Fortress.


The Fortress leads to the following areas.




  • The fortress is where Kya faces Brazul.
  • The fortress is the shortest place in the game.
  • There are only 13 Wolfen to exorcise in the fortress.
  • Brazul still has a nativ captive in the Fortress that Kya does not get to exorcise, which makes it that Kya does not save all of them from Brazuls clutches.
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