Here, Stuff shows Kya which is a swamp monster and which is a tree stump

Swamp Monsters, are creatures that are disguised as tree trunks.


Kya must get to the first Shell Elevator in the Flying Forest, but a small orange swamp is in the way. The swamp is filled with Tree Trunks, and Swamp Monsters disguised as Tree Trunks. Stuff shows Kya which ones are real platforms; if she lands on a swamp monster, it will jump upwards, and eat her.


These monsters look just like average tree trunks, with a brown bottom and green grass on the top (The nose/mouth area.)

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Disguise - Swamp Monsters fool their prey into thinking they are a simple Tree Trunk.
  • Devour - These monsters can chomp on their prey if the victim walks onto it. They will jump out of the water, to reveal it's mouth and eat it's victim.


There is no way to defeat these monsters. The only way to avoid them is with the help of Stuff's navigation skills, who is able to detect which is a Tree Trunk, and which is a Monster.


These beasts only appear in one place, in the Flying Forest and by the second Shell Elevator, right after the player acquires Stuff.


  • Swamp Monsters are one of the few creatures that only appear in one area of the game, and are never seen again.