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Aliases Galbos
Blue Egg
Gender Unknown
Species Galbos
Role Guide
Status Alive
Origin Flying Forest
Relatives N/A
Affiliations The Nativs
Allies Kya, Frank, Atea, Bird, Aton, Area, Akasa
Enemies Brazul, Aton, Wolfen / Wolfun
Weapons None
Abilities Flight, Telepathy
English Voice Actor None

Stuff is the last of a rare species of animal called a Galbos, it acts as a guide to Kya. Stuff has the ability to allow other people to communicate with each other telepathically, additionally it gives advice, tips and helps show Kya where to go to next.


Stuff is a dark red creature with a light pink stomach, long pointy ears, and a tail with an oval tip that glows red.


Stuff's personality is only shown through tips that it gives Kya while in the game during non scenes, it's personality can be described as a helpful character with a nonchalant or excitable attitude, depending on the situation.


Atea explains to Kya, she must go to the Flying Forest and retrieve a blue egg. Questioning what an egg has to do with her venture, Atea tells Kya that the blue egg (Stuff) is the last one of its kind, Kya must obtain this egg in order to start gathering the runes and searching for her brother Frank. When Kya gets to the flying forest and finds the blue egg, Kya picks up the blue egg just for it to move and fall on the floor. The egg smashes, and Stuff flies out. Atea is able to communicate with Kya telepathically through Stuff, which is a power that the Galbos have. Stuff allows for Atea to communicate with Kya from afar, while also helping Kya on it's own by giving her tips on what to do and where to go, which is vital for her quest.

Stuff's TidbitsEdit

<----Every tip that Stuff has for Kya, will be entered here.---->

The RootsEdit

Flying ForestEdit

Retrieving the Blue EggEdit

Atea: Kya... it's me, Atea! This animal let's me communicate with you telepathically!
Stuff: To jump the slopes you'll need a Magic Board! Return to the village to see if any of the shops are open. Follow me!

Opening the first ElevatorEdit

Stuff: Be aware of the local Fauna, some swamp monsters look just like tree trunks...I'll show you the way, follow my directions carefully!

Finding the ReceptacleEdit

Stuff: Watch out! This Wolfen is armed... You won't be able to get near him if he sees you!
Stuff: Be as careful as possible when approaching a Wolfen. If he starts firing on you, get out of there in a hurry and try to surprise him later on.

Going to Hunter's DomainEdit

Stuff: Hey! I just saw an extra energy bar hidden right here! Go for it!
Atea: It's the forest rune! Get close to it and put it in your receptacle...Ho, ho... I gotta hide! There are too many Wolfens around here!

Nativ CityEdit


Stuff: When you get a new bracelet, how about going to Akasa's dojo for training?
Stuff: This is the destination to take.

After the ReceptacleEdit

Atea: Bravo for the receptacle! I'm with Area, we're looking for clues about your brother in the Hunter's territory, come and join us!

Hunter's DomainEdit

Atea: You have managed to get the rune in the forest. Apparently Brazul didn't locate it. But what the...Ah...No! They're here...Kya! Help me! Aahh!

Ride a JamgutEdit

Stuff: You need a Jamgut birdcall to tame this animal.
Stuff: The Jamgut allows you to jump higher and destroy anything in your path.
Stuff: To get off the Jamgut, hold "L2" and then "Analog" "X".

On FootEdit

Stuff: Get the Wolfen riled up by belting them with your Boomy, just don't let them see you!
Stuff: Kya, you've got to kick the bomb pretty hard to reach the rocks by holding "□" then hit the bomb with your boomy while it's still in the air to make it blow up the rocks.
Stuff: You need the Magic Bouncers if you want to go to the Wind Tower.

Aiming A BoomyEdit

Stuff: To aim, hold "R1" then hold "□". Release "□" to shoot.


Atea: Kya, I remember that they took me down through some sort of pipeline with the rubbish. Try to find the entry.

the QuarryEdit

Air PostEdit

Forgotten IslandEdit

Wolfen CityEdit

The FortressEdit

See AlsoEdit


  • In the character artwork, Stuff's tail glows red, but in the game his tail glows yellow.
  • Along with Brazul's Bird, does not have any speaking parts in the game.

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