There are plenty of Species in Kya: Dark Lineage, from Nativs to Wolfen. This is a list of them all.


Humanoids Description


Humans appear in Kya: Dark Lineage, and come from Earth. The only humans to appear in the game, are Frank and Kya. Read More..


Nativs are peaceful anthropomorphic Wolf like creatures. They live in Nativ City and are constantly attacked by Wolfen. Read More..


Wolfen are vicious anthropomorphic wolf like creatures. They are after the Nativs, as well as Kya, and are under Brazul's control. Read More..

Revealed Humanoids Description


Aliens are beings from another planet, they do not exist on Earth, or the Nativs world. Some are in fact, very similar to humans.Read More..


Hybrid is someone who is half human and half Alien.

Note:: "Hybrid", is not the official name, but just used to best describe the topic. Read More..


Friendly Description


Galbos are flying creatures, that have telepathic powers. Read More..


Jamguts are Horse/Kangaroo like creatures, they are very quick and agile. Kya can ride one, to reach otherwise unattainable places. Read More..

Mana Creature

The Mana creature, is a snail like being, that spits out Mana, when attacked. It is usually with the Protector Read More..


Micken are round, greedy, laid back creatures, Kya can use them as a springboard to reach high places. Read More..

Neutral Description

Bat Bird

A mysterious creature that stole the Receptacle from Kya, it appears to look like a bat and/or, a bird. Read More..


Birds are feathery creatures that can fly, they are normally found on Earth, but also found in another world. Read More..


The Protector is a vine like creature that attacks when someone is nearby; it is usually seen protecting it's friend Mana Creature. When it yells, it makes a bird like scream. Read More..

Dangerous Description


Woof's are vicious dog-like creatures. Read More..


Flora Description

Electric Bulb

Stationary plants that emit electricity when another creature is nearby. They emit a color, that shows what mood it is in, and when it feels threatened. Read More..

Swamp Monsters

Swamp Monsters appear as normal tree trunks. However if one stands on it, they jump out of the water to eat their prey. Read More..


Monsters Description


A small armored shell like creature, that looks like a caterpillar. It hides underground, and pops up when enemies are near. It will spit out a fireball, that leaves a trail of lava on the ground. Read More..


A flying beetle that spouts flames at enemies, the flames leave a trail of lava that can ensue extra damage. Read More..


A lava dweller, when attacked they can be used as platforms. These creatures are not to be taken lightly, as they will shoot flames, when enemies are near. Read More..

Lava Worm

A gigantic worm that uses lava to attack, it' weakness are the balls of lava on it's stomach. Read More..


A flying catfish like monster, that uses electricity to attack. Read More..


An armored monster that spits ice at it's enemies. Read More.. Note: Triva on the Shooter, needs to be reviewed. Some information may be false.


A spiky ball creature that usually attacks in groups. Read More..


Spiders, as the name suggests, are just like real spiders. They travel along the walls, and will only hurt Kya if she is in their way. Read More..


Monsters Description

Spiked Shell Monster

A ball creature with a spiky shell, it only appears in the ending credits. Read More..

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