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Sinocs are ball like monsters, covered in spikes. These creatures tend to hide out in areas of isolation and are usually accompanied by a few other sinocs. If Kya gets too close to one, the herd of them, will come to attack her.


Sinocs are spherical-ball shaped monsters, they are completely light green. They have a short tail, and are covered in bumps and gray spikes.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Sinocs attack with their spikes and lunge at enemies.

Sinocs tend to attack in herds


Sinocs are very weak monsters, and are easy to defeat.


  • They can be destroyed with one blow of the Boomy.
  • They can also be tricked into seeing their demise, by falling off ledges. They must chase after Kya, and if she is next to a ledge and ducks, when they jump after her, they will fly off the ledge.
  • In certain areas, Kya can run over a Sinoc with a Jamgut.


  • Kya can run away from them, they do however chase her for a while, especially in groups.

Rare AnimalEdit

The rare red Sinoc can be found in the Flying Forest.



  • They make an odd noise when they walk.
  • In the making of kya(1)(2) Sinocs were also blue, but the blue sinocs never made it into the game. Spiked Shell Monster, could have been an earlier or later concept of the blue sinoc.
  • Sinocs can be tricked into jumping to their deaths, as can Woof's.
  • Sinocs sometimes appear inside of crates.


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