Ky shocker

A Shocker from a kya dark lineage ad

Shocker's are flying monsters that use Electricity to damage it's opponents.


Shockers are blue oval creatures, with tentacle whiskers attached on their face.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electric Strike - Shockers can shoot electricity at Kya.
  • Shock-Wave - Shockers slam into the ground, creating a shock-wave to attack all areas with a lightning based attack.

Negative Effects: The shocker's electricity can travel to Kya, if she throws the boomy while it is using one of it's moves. The end result damages Kya and it can be even more difficult to defeat due to this.


These are the ways to fight or escape from a Shocker.



  • The only way to defeat a shocker, is by attacking it with the Boomy.
  • Kya can dodge the Shock Wave attack by jumping over the attack.


Kya will receive one Silver Nooty, for defeating a Shocker.


  • Kya can walk away from a Shocker, it will not follow her. However, it can still use it's attacks if she is still nearby.

Rare ShockerEdit

  • There is a rare Shocker in The Air Post , it is a dark blue.



  • Shockers are most likely based off of the Catfish.