This is a list of secret spots in the game.

The RootsEdit

Hidden area # 1: From the 3rd button elevator area, Go to the opposite side of the cliff where the wolfen and rune are/were, the wolfen are on a ramp like thing go to the back of the ramp and turn to see that it is hollow and has a little hiding spot with two boxes filled with nooties.

Nativ CityEdit

Shops Each shop in nativ city has a vine kya can climb on, if she climbs onto it she will be on the roof of the shop, there are a few boxes containing nooties on each roof.

Hidden area # 1: On the second floor, There is a shop right in the front, go inside it turn left climb up the vine, now there will be a platform across the shop for Kya to jump on, jump onto the platform, to the left is a big space behind the shop jump down the ledge that is there, there will be a few boxes with nooties and sinocs guarding it, once you have collected the nooties and killed the sinocs turn towards the back of the shop go to the right and walk or continuously jump through the crack until you are in the beginning of the second floor. This hidden area is easier when the shop has not been build yet because you can walk right through where the shop will be and easily get the boxes.

Hidden area # 2:This area is easy to find, go on the second floor and go to the shop where Kya gets her first boomy, go to either the right or the left side of the shop and go behind it, there are a couple of boxes in the back contained with nooties, mana balls and Sinocs.

Flying ForestEdit

Hidden area # 1:In the very beginning Climb across the wall(if your at the very beginning) and get to the other side, walk straight until you are by a fork where the left side has two wolfen and a house and the right side is the wind going straight(If your comming from the first elevator just go straight) , go into the wind to go to the next area, kill the sinocs and blow up the boulder(if you haven’t already) go straight until you see a ledge turn right you should see a small rectangle hole crouch down and walk into it to find a room full of boxes, destroy the boxes to get nooties and mana balls, there will be a few sinocs In the boxes. If you go to this hidden area again after destroying the boxes there will be no boxes at all, it will just be an empty room.

Hidden area # 2:Go to the end of the first flying forest part( where you have to get the blue egg),behind the structure where you get the blue egg is an amber stone, it is not on top of the structure it is behind it on the bottom where the grass is.

Hidden area # 3:After the second elevator button, continue going through the forest until you are up to a cave with free falling winds, free fall through the cave near the end of the cave you’ll see a strange light comming from the ceiling go into and under the light and let kya fly up, she will now be flying in a room that contains nooties, mana balls and an amber stone.

Hidden area # 4:From hidden area # 2 keep going through the forest until you are on a bridge with a wolfen in front of you, defeat the wolfen and go onto another bridge to the right of the first bridge, a scene with a wolfen will happen and the bridge will brake, so now you must climb onto a part of the bridge to get up, go to the cave in front of you, go straight and climb the vines on the left, now go across on the vines until you have land to walk on and drop kya onto the platform, then jump to the next platform notice the boulder straight ahead, jump up and climb on the vine above then when you reach the end drop on the floating platform and jump to the other side of the cave, climb up the vines, once you are on the next part of the cave you’ll notice an elevator, lever and a bomb dispenser, go next to the bomb dispenser and hit the lever with kya’s boomy, now hit the bomb dispenser right away so it shoots a bomb the bomb will fall through the hole where the elevator would be, the bomb will go on the lower floor, go down one level to where the boulder was, the boulder is not there anymore instead there is a square hole, go in it to get some nooties and mana balls.

Shortcut # 1:Right after you get out of the cave from hidden area # 2, keep going further until there is a lever on the left side and a wolfen in front standing on a wind circle, hit the lever to make the wolfen fly away, go a little bit further away from the lever and hit it with the boomy and run into the wind circle while it is still shooting out wind, it makes kya fly up, fly kya over the small cliff.

Note: this is very hard to do and can take time to be able to do, also it depends on when you get on the wind circle, if you get on the wind circle very late it might just fly you up to the ledge but if you get to it fast if can fly you over to the next wolfen on the bridge.

Shortcut # 2:From the third elevator button go up the vines and to the wolfen camp, go onto one of the boxes that are on the big lines, keep going until the box your on is the next box to get smashed by the giant hammer, there are two wolfen on the boardwalk in front of you, there’s one on the left by the hammer and one on the right next to the wolfen on the left, attack the wolfen on the right with kya’s boomy twice so it fights the wolfen on the left and knocks it out, once it knocks it out you can jump over the door that the hammer is above from without getting shot by a wolfen.

Hunter's DomainEdit

Hidden spot # 1: In the beginning of hunters domain, there are two large rocks in the beginning go in through them stop and then turn around you’ll see that there are mana balls behind/in front of the rocks.

Hidden spot # 2: Go to the 2nd button shell elevator area, go through the tunnel and go on the elevator turn around on the left is a thorn go behind it to get some mana balls.

Hidden spot # 3: After hidden spot # 2, go further until there are 3 wolfen defeat them, go forward until you are a little bit past the rock on the left then turn around to see the on the right is a little cliff with mana balls.

Hidden spot # 4: From 4th elevator button, go right take left passage go up to the top of the cliff, now go straight and jump into the wind current, turn around and face the cliff that you just came from, look at the bottom side of the cliff there is a ledge on the left with some mana, Note: spiders will come out of a small hole near the mana, sadly kya cannot fit in the hole, now jump back into the wind current to get back up.

Hidden spot # 5: From the 4th elevator button, go right take another right go on the elevator, continue onward, once you get to an area where there are wind tunnels that blow on and off, the 2nd wind tunnel has 3 platforms going in a straight line from it, go on the first and second then jump to the third, the third has some mana on it.

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