Species Wolfen
Threat Level Low
Debut The Roots
Alignment Evil

Scrawnies are the first type of Wolfen encountered in the game.



The most common Wolfen type in the game, Scrawnies make up the bulk of Brazul's forces. They are typically found in groups and upon engaging one, Kya must engage every Wolfen in the area. Though baring claws, they prefer using their fist to fight if unarmed. Some Scrawnies have spiked clubs they use and some have guns, arguably the most deadly of the subspecies. However, upon getting close enough, Gun Scrawnies will use the weapon in a melee fashion.


Scrawnies are ill-groomed, brutish and lupine creatures. They have grayish fur and varied manners of dress. As their name suggests, they are thin and lithe creatures.


There are three types of Scrawny Wolfen.

  • Scrawny (Fists) - These Scrawnies fight using their bodies, and nothing else. They use an array of punches, and jabs. When in a group, usually they attack Kya one by one, instead of altogether.
  • Scrawny (Club) - These Scrawnies use spiked clubs, and markedly more dangerous than their fist-using counterparts. They can block with these clubs, and cause more damage if their attacks land a perfect blow.
  • Scrawny (Gun) - Gun Scrawnies are the most dangerous of the type, this is due to their weapon attacking consecutively. Once spotted, they will fire their weapons continuously, making it very hard to get away from. They can usually kill Kya without giving her a chance to draw close, and must be attacked with stealth. When Kya gets close, their gun becomes a melee weapon, and they fight in a manner similar to the club Scrawny.
  • Scrawny (Rocket Launcher) - These Scrawnies like to stay in the background, and shoot large projectiles from afar. Unlike Scrawny Wolfen with guns, the Rocket Launcher Wolfen's weapon is slow, and takes about a second to reload. Their projectiles are much easier to dodge than the Gun Wolfen, however their attacks do more damage. Like the gun Wolfen, they will use their Gun as a melee weapon, when up close.

Other WolfenEdit


  • On occasion, Scrawny Wolfen will fart a green gas. This is only seen if Kya, is either far away from the Wolfen, or sneaking up on them.
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