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Runes are ancient artifacts made of pure energy, when combined with the Receptacle, they create the powerful Medallion, that allows a person to switch worlds. Kya needs the receptacle in order to group the runes together, which will open a passage to bring her and Frank back home. There are 7 Runes altogether, collecting them also increases Kya’s magic capacity by 50; once Kya obtains all of the runes she has 500 magic altogether.

Rune LocationsEdit

When finding a rune, it is sealed by a magical purple sphere, only the medallion can break it's seal for Kya to retrieve. The following are the locations of each rune.

The RootsEdit

Flying ForestEdit

The Flying Forest rune is located on the 3rd option via the Shell Elevator, Kya must pass the Wolfen base and head towards a floating island. Atea alerts Kya about the Flying Forest rune through Stuff, after she obtains the rune, she fights Lava Worm boss and enters Hunters Domain.

Hunter's DomainEdit

The QuarryEdit

Air PostEdit

Forgotten IslandEdit

Wolfen CityEdit

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  • No rune is the same shape or size, they are all uniquely different.
  • There are no runes found in Nativ City or The Fortress
  • Atea reveals, he has no idea who it is that split the runes apart. Whoever it was, they did so to hide them from Brazul.
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