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A Nooty

A Nooty, or Nooties (Plural) are the form of money which the Nativs use to make purchases. Kya can use Nooties to purchase abilities, items, as well as participate in challenges in Nativ City. Kya can get Nooties from monsters, boxes and found floating in mid air.


Gold NootyEdit

A gold Nooty is light brown, with a bigger edge and edged lines in the middle that lead up to a yellow sphere shape in the middle, it has a chip in it.

Silver NootyEdit

A silver Nooty, is silver and has a light blue sphere in the middle, it also has a chip in it.

10 NootyEdit

10 Nooty looks like a gold Nooty, except there is no chip at the edge.


Nooty Description

Nooty (Regular)

The regular Nooty counts as 1 Nooty.


Nooty (Silver)

A Silver Nooty counts as 5 Nooty.

Nooty (10)

The 10 Nooty is rare, and counts as 10 Nooties.