Species Name Nativ
Affiliations Kya
Alignment Nuetral Good


Sex Presumably Both

Nativs are a gentle tribe that live in Nativ City.



Nativs are minute creatures, shorter at their adult height than the teenaged/young adult Kya, by roughly a foot. They have vague feline characteristics, all of them are some shade of brown, yellow, or yellow-brown with manes that start on the head and end in a fluffy tail. While a select few Nativs, such as Akasa and Apou, are a gray, with a possible hint of blue/purple. Their manes are a wider range of colors: white, black, blonde, and brown have all been seen. Nativs have human-like feet and fingers.



Two different kinds of nativs

Two types of Nativs appear in the game.

Short: The short Nativs wear red hats, and have a more gentle appearance. When turned into Wolfen, they tend to be Scrawny.

Tall: Tall Nativs are lean and muscular, wearing few bandages around their bodies. When turned into Wolfen, they tend to be Grunt's or Kronos.


The Nativs live in a city, likely a newer establishment as not many houses or shops have been built yet. In the center of it lies a giant Amber crystal. Here, Kya can heal herself without the use of Mana and at the shops she can play minigames to win Nooties, the currency of the world. She can buy weapons, bracelets that give her new combat abilities, as well as other items that assist her on her quest to find The Medallion and get home.

The City is led by Atea, the eldest of the Nativs. Though safest in the city, Nativs sometime venture out to explore; during one such outing, Aton and a crew of his accomplices find the passed out Kya, where the story begins and takes off.

Many Nativs get captured by Brazul and are turned into Wolfen. Kya is given the power by Atea to help the Wolfen turn back into their original selves. When Kya reverts the Wolfen back into a Nativ they build more shops and Kya can buy new items for her quest.

Notable NativsEdit

  • Atea - City Elder
  • Aton - Strongest Nativ in the city
  • Area - A friend of Aton and Atea's.
  • Akasa - Combat Instructor

Minor NativsEdit

Cut CharactersEdit



  • All Nativs, except for the Snore, have names that start with an A. This also includes the cut characters, Adada as well as the shop owner Amata.
  • All Nativs seen are male, however since they are familiar with female pronouns, females Nativs may exist offscreen.
  • Woof's enjoy hunting Nativs.
  • Aside from Atea and Brazul's son, Nativs were originally a gray color.
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