The Nativ City Zoo is located on the second floor of Nativ City, Kya can capture animals, and obtain money for it. The Nativ, Apou runs the Zoo and will give Kya Nooties if she finds and captures rare animals (Without killing them). In order to capture animals, she must use a Trap Bomb, which is sold in the shop next to the zoo.

Rare AnimalsEdit

Blue MickenEdit

The Blue Micken can be found in Nativ City on the first floor near a mini game, near the entrance to The Roots. Price for Capture:

Red SinocEdit

The Red Sinoc is found in the Flying Forest. 'Price for Capture:

Yellow MickenEdit

The Yellow Micken can be found in The Roots, where Kya first came to the universe. Price for Capture:

White MickenEdit

The White Micken is found in The Quarry. Price for Capture:


The Dragon is found in Forgotten Island.


The rare Shocker is found at The Air Post. Price for Capture:


The rare Woof is found at the Hunters Domain.

Gold MickenEdit

The Gold Micken is found in Wolfen City, in a building outside of Wolfen City. Price for Capture:


  • If a rare animal or monster is killed, it will re-spawn. However, in order for it to reappear, Kya must leave the area and come back.
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