The mysterious desert world, exists in a separate universe. Due to the use of The Medallion in Nativ City, Kya and Frank are teleported to this world, instead of their own.


The world is surrounded by immense clouds, with no blue sky in sight. The ground, is an orange, and appears to be that of a desert.


Once Kya has defeated Brazul, obtained the Receptacle and gathered all of the Runes to form the Medallion. Kya, Frank, Atea, Area, Bird and Stuff, gather around the altar that Frank had created for the Medallion. Atea says he hates good byes, but also asks if, her and Frank would like to say. He explains that when using a Medallion, it will randomly transport someone to any world. However, Brazul knows how to control and choose a specific location. Since Brazul is no more, there may be no way on ever finding out how to choose which world to go to. But with her mind made up, Kya and Frank enter the portal, and appear in this Mysterious Desert World, where they scream from an attack of an unseen creature.


It is also known that there is at least one creature in the desert world, a strange unknown being, attacks Kya and Frank once they have arrived.

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  • It could be possible, the Mysterious Desert World, is in fact Brazul's Alien World. Since his race went extinct, one can assume that there is a possibility of either a Predator, that killed everyone off, or some kind of apocalypse that wiped out his race. The world that is shown in the end of the game, is desolate and bleak, something that you'd see in an apocalypse setting. Kya, and Frank are attacked by something, this "Being", could be what made Brazul's race extinct. The creators may have wanted Kya to go to her father's world in order to understand him more, and give him a back story.
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