Picture 709
Species Name Micken
Affiliations None
Alignment Nuetral
Sex Unknown

Micken are round, red animals that love fruit, and would do anything for it.


Mickens are very bouncy creatures, if someone were to jump on them, they would bounce back into the air as if it were a trampoline. Besides a sound of possible discomfort, this causes no discernible to the animal. Alternatively, Kya can also use Mickens in a similar manner as a soccer ball, rolling them onto a button or a trap. Mickens can also be led around by fruits that grow in the area, they can be knocked off of trees with the Boomy.


Nativ City ZooEdit

  • The Blue Micken can be found in Nativ City on the first floor near a mini game, near the entrance to The Roots.
  • The Yellow Micken can be found in The Roots, where Kya first came to the universe.
  • The White Micken can be found in The Quarry.
  • The Gold Micken can be found in Wolfen City in a building outside of Wolfen City.


  • The Gold and Yellow Micken are slightly different shades of Yellow.
  • Mickens are the only creatures to appear more than once in the Nativ City Zoo quest, with a total of 4 rare Mickens.

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