The Mana Creature is a defenseless being that harbors Mana, it is usually seen with two Protector's, that will lash out at enemies nearby. On rare occasion, it can be seen alone without it's friends, this usually happens when an important battle is coming up and Kya will need to use Mana.


Mana Creature's resemble snails, they have yellow heads and a blue shell.


The Mana Creature is an immobile being that stays in one place, it is usually seen with it's friend the Protector. It will spit out quite a few Mana, that will restore Kya's Mana energy. She may however, need to attack it a few times to completely refill her Mana gauge.


Mana Creatures cannot be killed, nor do they attack. When a Protector is around, it will usually defend it's friend. Kya can attack them with her Boomy whether from a long distance or short range.



The few times the Mana Creature is without the Protector, are listed below.

The QuarryEdit

The entrance to the Quarry from the Wind Tower, contain a few Mana Creatures that live on the edges of a toxic bog.