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Mana are Magic orbs which allow Kya to use her magic abilities.



Kya gathering Mana

Green in color and able to float, Mana can be found throughout the world. Atea gives Kya the ability to use them, with the Awakening Power. With this new power she can exorcise Wolfen, turning them back into Nativs, or heal herself using the Amber stones about the world. Kya starts off able to hold just fifty at a time, but collecting Runes give Kya an extra 50 mana power. If Kya gets all the runes she will have 500 mana power total.

Mana CreatureEdit

There is a Mana creature throughout the world, that harbors Mana. Mana Creature, If Kya attacks it, it will spit out Mana.

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