The name "Liner", comes from Gilles Benois's art blog.


Liner's are pesky little creatures that fly around, and spit fire out at Kya. Liners are harder to defeat than most enemies, and take more hits than the average monster.


Liner's are bulky caterpillar shaped creatures with a tan to brown coloring. They have big spikes on their back, as well as two spikes around their mouth. They have the wings of a fly, and sharp teeth.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flame Spout - These creatures spit out a flame that leaves a trail of lava, if the player makes contact with the lava, it will further damage Kya.
  • Agility - Liners fly at great speed, which can make fighting them tricky.

Note:: Liners will try to fly into Kya when shooting lava, which makes it harder to doge, and possibly sustain more damage. It will also try to encase Kya in a circle of flames.


Boomy - Unlike most monsters, Liner's are stronger opponents, Kya must constantly attack it with her Boomy to defeat it.


See AlsoEdit

Liners have similar traits and abilities with other fire based creatures.

  • Dragon - Liners have a similar shape, and flame ability, with Dragons.
  • Blaser - Liners and Blasers both have a hard shelled exterior.


  • They may be called Liners, due to their flame attack of being in a line, and having a concept of trying to encase people in the line of fire.