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The Lava Worm is the first boss in Kya Dark Lineage, Kya must defeat it in order to go to Hunters Domain.


After obtaining the first Rune in the Flying Forest, Kya walks into the next area and encounters the beast. The ground starts to shake, and the Lava Worm melts its way out from the ground. After defeating the boss, Kya can take an elevator to get to the Hunters Domain


The Lava Worm is blue, with a light blue stomach, and 6 red-orange circles on it's stomach. When it opens it's mouth, it almost looks like a flower has bloomed. It has big teeth on the outer layers of the mouth and a smaller hole with more teeth.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Lava Ball - As an attack, the creature spits out an array of lava balls to attack it's enemies. If it doesn't hit anyone, the lava will stick to the ground, and will inflict damage to Kya if she touches it.



In order to hurt the creature, Kya must aim and shoot her Boomy, at one of the six lava circles located on it's stomach.


  1. Attacking the worm once, causes it to use it's attack right away, as a reflex.
  2. The worm is immobile, and can only spin in a circle.


The player cannot escape this battle once it has started, the door behind Kya will be locked.


Kyadarklineageps2 004-large

Kya fighting the lava worm.


  • "nozXX_2" Is a file name given to the offical artwork of the character, it could be a link to it's name.
  • The Lava Worm is the only boss, that is a monster. The other bosses are all Humanoid, and Wolfen characters.
  • The Worm, along with The Hunter, are the only bosses to be fought, and defeated with the Boomy. The rest are fought with Kya's, Martial Art skills.