Userboxes are little boxes that say something about the user. These userboxes are related to Kya Dark Lineage Userboxes generally include one or two small graphics and a few short lines of text. Sometimes they also include wiki markup that places the user in a category. Userboxes are generally created as templates and transcluded onto userpages, although their markup may be substituted directly onto userpages instead. Userboxes should not be used in articles.

The first userboxes were introduced to support the Babel inter-language effort, to indicate users' skills in other languages.

Feel free to put them on your user page, you can even make your own!

If you are going to make a userbox put this type of bracket in you userpage {{ }} then put in the name of the userbox that you will create and edit then click on the newly added non existant link and then put in this code and fill in the code, then list it here by putting this bracket [[]]

use this code in the userbox and make sure to put two brackets in the front before the code and two at the end {{}}

Userbox |bordercolor= |textbg= |imagebg= |textimage= |image= |fontcolor= |text=

Kya Dark Lineage UserboxesEdit

Kya Dark LineageEdit

Kyadarklineage This user is a Kya Dark Lineage fan


Av-75 This user is a Kya fan

Items,Objects EctEdit

Boomy This user is a fan of the almighty Boomy
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