Kya's Hometown is an unknown location in an unknown world, but "most likely" exists on Earth, in France (Where the creators of the game reside). The hometown is the original residence of Kya and Frank, as well as their unseen parents. Kya's hometown is a bustling city where Kya and Frank did plenty of fun activities, such as going to a dance, riding a shopping cart down the street, and Kya in particular was a fan of kick-boxing.

Kya in brooklyn

Kya in her apartment


The Environment of Kya's hometown is like it is in a modern age city, many buildings, people and cars.


Kya was sleeping on her desk, and is awoken after she hears a suspicious noise while in her room, she follows the noise downstairs. She discovers her brother Frank, has created a big hole in the wall, which leads to a mysterious room. While speaking about Kya's father, Frank tinkers with a strange altar. She throws an object to Frank, and as he places the object onto the altar a portal of another world appears, and sucks both of them into another universe.

Frank and kya in apartment

Kya finds Frank in an unknown room

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  • Kya's Hometown is one of the two worlds/places in the world, that is only shown in a scene and not in the actual game, the other being the Mysterious Desert World.
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