Species Wolfen
Threat Level High
Debut Nativ City (cutscene)
Alignment Evil

Kronos Wolfen are the third and final breed of Wolfen encountered in the game.


They stand tall and straight like their Scrawny comrades, but have all the bulk, strength, and ferocity of their Grunt brethren. The Kronos' intelligence is all it's own, however, and it is the deadliest of the three subspecies. Typically, it wears a mask of some kind, though others are seen wrapped in bandages such as the ones that pursue Frank towards the beginning of the game. A third type has a mask spiked up in four points and sooty black fur. They take anywhere from 40-50 Mana points to exorcise.

Aton also sports bandages in his Wolfen form.



Standard Wolfen are bluish in color, a topknot of fur done up on their heads. They wear masks, as well as armor, and are wrapped sparsely in what appears to be bandages.




The Bandaged Kronos are wrapped in gauze, though fur still peaks through in several places on it's body. With it's blazing red eyes, it sports horrifically long claws that it weaponizes against the player. They are very fast and very ruthless, deadly even alone, one hit taking a health bar down by nearly half. They can block attacks and are very durable.

Black FurEdit


Black fur

This Kronos come in a black furred variation. This variant dons a more fearsome, and damaged looking mask, which completely lacks any chest covering. He wears leather pants, and uses his claws as a weapon.

Other WolfenEdit

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Scrawny Grunt Kronos
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