Jamgut whistle

A Jamgut whistle Lets Kya ride and control a Jamgut , if kya tries to go on a Jamgut without the Jamgut whistle it will make a noise , move and not let her on it. Once Kya has a Jamgut whistle she will always be able to ride a Jamgut.

Kya boomy jamgut

Kya riding a jamgut, and attacking a Wolfen with her Boomy


  • There is a skippable scene that involves the Jamgut whistle. In order for Kya to skip this scene. Kya must buy a jamgut whistle before she goes to the Hunters Domain. Then when she goes to Hunters Domain she must ride a Jamgut since Kya has the whistle already. Kya can not go back to Nativ City ,it is safe to go back to Nativ City after another scene or if Atea communicates with Kya through Stuff.

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