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Species Name Jamgut
Affiliations None
Alignment Neutral
Sex Presumably Both

A Jamgut is a light orange, two legged raptor/horse/kangaroo like creature that Kya can ride in order to reach otherwise unreachable destinations.


Jamguts are a light orange, they are sprinkled with brighter orange spots, they have a tattoo of a Wolfen's face near their tail. They have a blue saddle, tied by a rope, on their backs.


Jamguts can move faster, jump higher than Kya, they can destroy objects and kill small monsters with ease. Wolfen are terrified of Jamguts, and will run away from them. Kya can defeat a Wolfen easily by running over them with a Jamgut.

Jamguts are mandatory if Kya wants to progress further in the area, especially the Hunter's Domain, and the Quarry.

Royal JamgutEdit

Royal Jamgut's are much faster than the normal Jamgut, and are purple in color.

Jamgut BirdcallEdit


Jamgut Whistle.

A Jamgut Birdcall allows Kya to ride and control a Jamgut. If Kya tries to go on a Jamgut without the Jamgut Birdcall, it will reject her and refuse to let her mount it.



  • Wolfen are terrified of Jamguts, they will run in fear when Kya is riding one. Additionally, she can also injure and defeat them by running them over with the Jamgut.
  • Once Kya hops off a Jamgut, the Wolfen that were once running away, will once again go after her.
  • If Kya stands on a Jamgut she can throw her boomy at an enemy, as seen in the picture above.
  • A different song comes on when Kya rides a Jamgut.


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