Kya Dark Lineage contains a variety of items unique to its fictional world, as well as familiar items that have a real life counterpart.


Currency Description


A Nooty is the Nativ's currency, Kya must collect them to make purchases in Nativ City. Read More..


Equipment Description

Climbing Gloves

An item that allows Kya to climb walls. Read More..

Jamgut Whistle

A Jamgut Whistle's can tame a Jamgut, so that Kya can ride one. Without the whistle, it will refuse for anyone to ride it. Read More..

Magic Boards

Magic boards make it easier to ride slopes, some give the ability for Kya to jump, slow down, or go faster. Read More..

Magic Bouncer

Magic Bouncers create the ability to wall jump. Read More..


Kya can see from far distances with the Telescope. Read More..

Key ItemsEdit

Items of Interest Description

Blue Egg

A mysterious Blue Egg, it is the last one of it's kind and Kya needs it for her quest. Read More..


The Receptacle is a mantle that holds all of the runes together. Read More..


Runes are made up of pure energy, if all 7 are found and attached to the Receptacle, it can open a portal to another world. Read More..

The Medallion

The Medallion, is when all seven runes and the receptacle in place. It gives access to other worlds. Read More..

Recovery ItemsEdit

Recovery Items Description

Extra Energy Bar

Extra Energy Bar permenantly gives Kya and extra bar of health. Read More..


Fruit have different capabilities, some heal while others allow for special abilities such as invincibility for a short period of time. Read More..


Weapons Description


There are explosive bombs, trap bombs and electrical bombs. Read More..


The Boomy is Kya's long range weapon, it can defeat small monsters and help reach far away targets such as ropes and targets. Read More..

Fighting Bracelet

Fighting Bracelets boost Kya's abilities to fight the Wolfen. Read More..

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