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Kya riding a Jamgut

The Hunters Domain, also known as "The Hunter's Territory" by Atea, is an area ruled by a Wolfen known as The Hunter.


  • Desert Mountains


Hunter's Domain has many features of the desert setting, it's filled with mountains and floating rocks. There are many thorns in the area, that can injure Kya.


Kya goes there to save Atea. When Kya enters Hunters Domain, Atea communicates through Stuff to tell Kya that the Hunters Domain Wolfen has kidnapped him. Once Kya obtains a Jamgut Whistle, she is able to ride the beast known as the Jamgut. Jamguts allow for faster transportation, and easy access to places humans cannot reach. After her voyage through the Hunter's Domain, she finds him locked up in a cage. Finding Atea, executes a battle with the Hunter. After the battle with the Hunter, he falls off a cliff, never to be seen again.

Rare AnimalEdit

Shooter -
Dog - The dog is behind a cage with three locks on it.

Shell ElevatorEdit

The Wind TowerEdit

The name is mentioned by Stuff; the entrance to the Wind Tower is in the beginning of Hunter's Domain. Kya must use Magic Bouncers to reach the Wind Tower. As the name suggests, it's a very big tower that has gusts of wind coming from different directions. The Wind Tower has an elevator at the bottom, which leads to the Quarry.


Hunters Domain leads to the following areas.





  • The Jamgut makes it's first appearance in this setting.


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