Grunt redimensionner
Species Wolfen
Threat Level Medium
High (3+)
Debut The Dark Lineage
Alignment Evil

Grunt Wolfen are the second strongest type of Wolfen.



Stronger than a Scrawny, but weaker than a Kronos, Grunt Wolfen are the second strongest enemy in the game. Like all Wolfen, they come from Nativs, though it is unknown what determines whether a Nativ will turn into them as opposed to the two other kinds. They are the bruisers of the Wolfen forces, smart but dumb, likely dumber, than the scrawnies. However, they do pack a punch and a single Grunt can be a deadly match for an inexperienced player. They cost 20+ Mana to exorcise.


Grunts are bulky and lupine in appearance. They have yellow eyes, large fangs that protrude over their bottom jaws, claws, and forgo shoes. Their paws and the lower halves of their body are either bandaged or they wear spiky leather cuffs and leather pants. When not engaged in battle, they can be seen marching about in a very comical, soldier-like manner around the stage.


The Grunt will punch the player, and the attack is enough to stumble or even knock Kya down, and away. They will also use their claws in a three strike combo and can block Kya's punches and kicks.

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