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Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Human
Role Deuteragonist
Status Alive (MIA)
Origin Earth
Relatives Kya (Half-Sister),
Brazul (Step-father)
Unamed Mother & Father (Parents)
Affiliations The Nativs
Allies Kya, Atea, Bird, Stuff, Area, Akasa
Enemies Brazul, Brazul's Bird, Aton, Wolfen / Wolfun
Weapons N/A
Abilities Mechanical Expert
English Voice Actor Matthew Géczy

Hey! Don't sass your half brother, half pint!
— Frank

Frank is Kya’s younger Half brother, upon finding a secret room in their house, they are whirled into a new universe. Frank is immediately captured by Brazul, and is later rescued by Kya. Frank is very good with building and creating things, like making an altar for Kya to use The Medallion, for the two to use, to go home.


Frank is a young man who has black hair and a goatee, he wears a light green shirt and blue jeans and black shoes.


Frank is a curious person who enjoys building and creating things, he can be a little sassy towards Kya at times. Due to his curiosity, he was the one that found the secret room in their house, that led to them going to an alternate universe.


Frank first appears in the beginning of the game, having found a secret room in their house. Kya and Frank talk about Kya's missing father Alan, and while discussing, Frank puts an object down on a pedestal, a portal opens, sucking them both to another universe. Frank is separated from Kya and is captured by a group of Wolfen, who bring him to Brazul. Brazul urges the Wolfen to bring Frank the laboratory, as he is now Brazul's guinea pig.

Later on in the game Kya finds Frank on Forgotten Island, in a cave laboratory. Brazul has placed Frank in a Wolfen transforming machine. Frank is seconds away from being turned into a Wolfen, when Kya comes to his aid but is unable to stop Frank from being turned into a Wolfen. Kya must fight and defeat Frank, as a Wolfen. After the battle they find a way out of the cave and take the nearest exit in a Shell Elevator. Frank then rests in Atea's hut until he feels better. When Kya and frank return to nativ city frank tells Atea about Brazul and his plans.

In the Ending of the game Frank creates an altar for the new universe's medallion so Kya and Frank can go home.

As a BossEdit

When Frank is turned into a Wolfen due to Brazul's new machine, Kya must fight Frank in Wolfen form.



The name Frank is of German origins, in some cases it means "Free". This could be a reference to Frank being captured, where he must be rescued and "Freed".


  • An older artwork of Frank shows his name as "Bunch".
  • His name is spelled "Franck" on the website.
  • Frank never meets Aton.
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