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Artwork of the Flying Forest

The Flying Forest is a serene, and beautiful forest that floats in the air.


  • Forest


Flying forest is a beautiful forest, the monsters in the forest are mostly grasslands type. An attractive feature of the area, is of it's magnificent floating islands, some of which have waterfalls rushing from them.


Kya, first goes to the Flying Forest in order to retrieve the Blue Egg. The Egg contains a flying creature, eventually known as Stuff. Upon obtaining, and befriending Stuff. While she is on her adventure, the creature allows for Atea to communicate with Kya from Nativ City. After obtaining the Blue Egg (A.K.A Stuff), Kya runs back to Nativ City to buy a Magic Board in order to proceed further into the forest. The new area that Kya is able to go to contains the Receptacle, once obtained, will allow Kya to find and equip Runes to her belt. With the Receptacle, and Runes together, it will create The Medallion, which allows the user to go to different worlds.

The Flying Forest is also the home of a Wolfen base that Kya must infiltrate, in order to get to the Hunters Domain, as well as The Air Post.
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Kya in the Flying Forest

Before going to Hunters Domain, Kya finds a Rune in front of the entrance to the Domain. Much to Kya's dismay, she is ambushed and has to fight a giant fire Worm creature.


Location of a Rune, residence to the Lava Worm, and Entrance to the Hunters Domain

Rare AnimalEdit

Red Sinoc - The Red Sinoc can only be obtained once the player has obtained climbing gloves from a Nativs shop, the Sinoc will be in an area where a Shocker appears, Kya must climb up on the wall area behind the Shocker.

Notable CharactersEdit

Shell ElevatorsEdit

There are 4 shell elevators.


The Flying Forest can bring you to three other locations.




  • At the start screen, the scene in the background takes place in the last area of the Flying Forest, where Kya obtains the Receptacle.


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