Fighting bracelet

Fighting bracelets are magic bracelets that give Kya new fighting abilities, they are used solely for fighting Wolfen. There are 8 different fighting bracelets, with new ones appearing in shops as the game progresses and each one becoming more expensive than the last. The game features a white, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, silver, and gold bracelet, in appearing order.

List of BraceletsEdit

White BraceletEdit


  • Triple Punch- Kya punches three times in a row.
  • Direct Kick- A straight and normal kick.
  • Tornado Kick- Two spin kicks in a row that resemble a tornado.
  • Hair Kick- When a wolfen grabs kya's hair she can use the hair kick move to get out of the wolfens grasp.
  • Hair Slip- When a wolfen catches kya, this move allows her to jump out of the wolfens grasp.
  • Hair Crouch- When a wolfen catches kya by the hair, and another wolfen is about to hit her she can crouch down so the wolfen that has kya's hair gets hit instead of kya.
  • Salto Kick- An acrobatic jump kick.
  • Double Punch-A punch and a kick combination.
  • Triple Strike-A combination of a kick an uppercut and a shove.

Yellow BraceletEdit


  • Gaurd-Kya crosses her arms into a defense position in order to defend herself from wolfen attack.
  • Lightning Tornado- A Devestating succession of swing kicks.
  • Double Salto kick- two acrobatic kicks in the air.
  • Sweep- Three devastating kicks, the first is a trip like kick, the second is a normal kick and the third is a kick that goes from up to down, that will slam the wolfen's face into the ground.

Green BraceletEdit


  • Flip-Kya jumps on the wolfen and jumps off behind him.
  • Ride- Kya jumps on a wolfen and rides it.
  • Tailgrab- Kya grabs the wolfens tail
  • Hammerhead- Kya punches the wolfens head while riding on it.
  • Catapult- Kya Jumps on the wolfen and then pushes it in order to make it fall to the ground.
  • Tail Kick- While holding the wolfens tail, kya kicks the wolfen.
  • Side Kick- Kya kicks the wolfens knees and elbows it in the ribs in order to make it fall.
  • Grab Kick- A series of kicks to the wolfens head.
  • Tail Turn- Kya spins the wolfen around by holding onto its tail.
  • Overboard-Kya throws the wolfen over her.

Blue BraceletEdit


  • Dodge-Kya quickly moves out of the way from an enemy attack.
  • Mega Uppercut-A flying uppercut followed by a smash into the ground.
  • Kick Straight Up-Kya kicks a wolfen in its private parts.
  • Triple Pound- A combination of a kick from the ground an uppercut and a punch in the air.

Brown BraceletEdit


Black BraceletEdit


  • Counter Attack- Kya moves her hands to create a small yellow shield that slows down an opponent if it hits the shield.

Silver BraceletEdit


  • Increase Your Capabilities- The Bracelet increases the strenght of kya's hits on the enemy, up to 10% more damage.

Gold BraceletEdit


  • Increase Your Capabilities-The Bracelet increases the strenght of kya's hits on the enemy, up to 30% more damage.


  • Akasa gives Kya the white bracelet in the beginning of the game.
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