An Extra Energy bar gives Kya an extra health meter. It looks like two circles around a piece of amber, with feathers stuck here and there.


There are two bars Kya can purchase in Nativ City, and two bars she can find while out on the field.

Nativ CityEdit

  • The shop the contains the Silver bracelet, also sells an Extra Energy Bar.
  • The final shop that contains the Golden Bracelet, also has an energy bar.

Flying ForestEdit

The Extra Energy Bar in the Flying Forest can be found at the Wolfen base, the third option on the Shell Elevator. When nearby, Stuff will alert Kya on the whereabouts of the energy bar. It's locked away in a caged room that needs the Boomy, to unlock it.

Air PostEdit


  • There are 4 Extra Energy Bars in total.
  • It is recommended to have at least 3 energy bars to fight against Giant wolfen/ Frank wolfen.