Exorcism gives Kya the ability to free Nativs from their Wolfen forms, Kya receives this ability from Atea.

How it is ObtainedEdit

It is one of the powers that Kya receives from Atea, through the Awakening Power, in the beginning of the game.


In order for Kya to turn Wolfen back into Nativs, Kya must exorcise the Wolfen with the ability of the Awakening Power. Kya needs Mana orbs to exorcise Wolfen, each Wolfen type is different and the stronger the Wolfen, the more mana is required to exorcise them.

Mana RequirementsEdit

Mana Needed Profile Wolfen Type
5 Wolfen Scrawny
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{{{Mana3}}} {{{Pro2}}} {{{Wol3}}}
{{{Mana4}}} {{{Pro4}}} {{{Wol4}}}
{{{Mana5}}} {{{Pro5}}} {{{Wol5}}}
{{{Mana6}}} {{{Pro6}}} {{{Wol6}}}
{{{Mana7}}} {{{Pro7}}} {{{Wol7}}}
{{{Mana8}}} {{{Pro8}}} {{{Wol8}}}
{{{Mana9}}} {{{Pro9}}} {{{Wol9}}}
{{{Mana10}}} {{{Pro10}}} {{{Wol10}}}

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