This is a list of all enemies that Kya, faces on her journey.


Monster Description

Bat Bird

Is a scene only monster, it steals the Receptacle from Kya. Read More..

Mana Creature

The Mana creature is a snail like creature that spits out Mana when attacked, it is usually seen with the Protector. On rare occasion, it can appear alone. Read More..

Note:They can not be defeated.


The protector is a vine like animal that is usually seen aside of the Mana Creature, it will attack those who go near it. Like the Mana Creature, they sometimes appear by themselves, usually trying to guard something Read More..

Note:They can not be defeated.


A small, ball like creature with many spikes, they appear in various places and sometimes hide in Crates. They lunge at their enemies. Read More..


Spiders crawl along walls, and will jab wall climbers with their spiky feet. Read More..

Swamp Monsters

Swamp Monsters are a stationary enemy disguised as a platform, they cannot be damaged, and will eat it's victims if they step on them. They also only appear in one area in the Flying Forest. Read More..

Note:They can not be defeated.


Woof's are vicious dog like creatures, they chase their enemies and tear them to shreds. They are difficult to defeat, and can only be defeated in obscure ways (Kya's weapons have no effect on them). Read More..

Electrical Based Enemies Description

Electric Bulb

A stationary plant that shoots out electricity when it feels it is in danger. Read More..

Note:They can not be defeated.


A Flying monster that resembles a catfish, it fights with electrical based attacks. Read More..

Ice Based Enemies Description


A small bulky creature that shoots balls of ice. Read More...

Lava Based Enemies Description


An armored creature that shoots fireballs. Read More..


A flying monster that spouts lava towards enemies. Read More..


A creature that resides in lava, it shoots fire at it's enemies and if attacked, it can be used as a platform to walk across lava. Read More..

Note:They can not be defeated, only knocked unconscious.


Scrawny Wolfen Description

Scrawny (Fists)

Scrawny (Fists), are Wolfen who use various Martial Arts to fight their foes. Read More..

Scrawny (Club)

Scrawny (Club), are Wolfen who use a Spike Club as their weapon. They are more powerful than the Wolfen who use Martial Arts to fight. Read More..

Scrawny (Gun)

Scrawny (Gun), are Wolfen who use a Gun to fight their foes. They are the most powerful Scrawny Wolfens, as they can shoot from afar and cause Kya to become immobile while being shot at. Read More..

Grunt Wolfen Description

Normal Grunt

Normal Grunts are powerful Wolfen, much stronger than a Scrawny Wolfen. Read More..

Big Grunt

Big Grunts are even stronger than a normal Grunt. Read More..

Kronos Wolfen Description

Normal Kronos

Kronos are strong and swift, they are the strongest kind of Wolfen. Read More..

Bandaged Kronos

Kronos are the strongest form of the Wolfen. Read More..

Dark Fur Kronos

They are incredibly agile and strong, these Kronos are the most powerful of Kronos. Read More..


Flying Forest Description

Lava Worm

The Lava Worm is an enormous worm that spouts out lava to attack it's enemies. Read More..

Hunters Domain Description

The Hunter

An elite Wolfen who controls the entire Hunter's Territory. Read More..

The Quarry Description


Kya fights Brazul for the first time in the Quarry, however this battle has no proper outcome. Read More..

Forgotten Island Description


Kya must fight a Wolfen transformed Frank. Read More..

The Fortress Description


Aton must fight a Wolfen transformed Aton. Read More..


This is the final fight with Brazul and the last boss in the game. Read More..

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