The Dummy Wolfen, is a life sized straw doll, that looks like a Wolfen. It is used for Akasa's Dojo, whenever Kya, wants to try out her new moves.

Use & AbilitiesEdit

It is treated as a substitute Wolfen, to help Kya train. It has no moves, or abilities, as it is completely immobile. Once Kya completes a move set, the dummy is flung across the room, and a new dummy comes out from a mechanism in the floor.


With the help of a glitch, the Dummy Wolfen can be brought around Nativ City, and even fought like a real Wolfen..

  • Fight The Dummy Wolfen - When you're in Akasa's dojo, grab onto the dummy Wolfen's tail and, bring it to Atea's hut. Once you're at the hut, walk into the fire so Kya gets hurt. She will let go of the dummy, and then you can fight it, and it will move by turning around and facing you. One hit will destroy the dummy, and if you give it a kick between the legs, it will move around like a real Wolfen would.
  • Go Through The Store Counter Tops - Go to Akasa's dojo once again, and grab the Wolfen dummy's tail. Choose a shop of interest (That is on the same floor). Start walking into the yellow table counter where the items are displayed, you can walk into it, and even stand right next to the Nativ at the counter. To exit, you have to walk either left or right and you will magically pass right through the wall. Kya can only do this while holding the dummy Wolfen.
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