Articles not related to Kya: Dark Lineage, this category is to show the articles on the wiki not related to Kya. It can also allow new users, and users not familiar with the game, to help out in other areas of the wiki.

Articles that are considered "Kya: Dark Lineage" articles, include...'

  • Articles about the games features. (Characters, items, abilities, story.. etc..)
  • Image Galleries featuring pictures of the game... etc..
  • Fun pages relating to Kya, Legends & Mysteries etc..

Articles to be considered for this category

  • Pages that are not directly linked to the game... (Voice actors... the year 2003 etc..) Fun pages such as Doppelgangers, will be considered Kya related.
  • Articles about other games.
  • Administrative articles & help articles will not be considered Kya related.

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