Kya brazul's bird

Brazul's Bird

Brazul's Bird is a minor character with no known name, it is seen with Brazul countless amount of times in the game. Brazul uses it to sneak around and collect information on Kya and the Nativs.


Brazul's bird is light gray, with a black beak, black circles around it's eyes and black, back of the head feathers.


It is loyal to Brazul, due to not having a speaking role, it does not show it's personality (Unlike Bird). Brazul can understand it and sends a message via Brazul's bird, so it's assumed it can speak, but never does to the audience.


It finds Nativ City and spies on Kya and the Nativs, it eventually notifies Brazul of the whereabouts of Nativ City. This leads to Nativ City being attacked, and the Nativs are taken away on an Airship.


  • Along with Stuff, does not have any speaking parts in the game.
  • Brazul's Bird disappears late in the game it's whereabouts are unknown.

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