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Aliases Alan
Gender Male
Species Alien
Role Antagonist
Status Presumably Dead
Origin Another World
Relatives Kya (Daughter) Frank (Step-Son)
Affiliations Wolfen, Aton
Allies Wolfen / Wolfun, Aton
Enemies Kya, Frank, Atea, Aton, Bird, Akasa, Area, Stuff
Weapons Fists, Magic
Abilities Fireball, Wave attack, Lightning attack,Ice attack
English Voice Actor Jerry Di Giacomo

Brazul is the ruler of the parallel universe and the creator of evil Wolfen's, he learned and perfected a way to transform Nativs into Wolfen. Brazul possesses terrifying knowledge and magical powers. He is Kya's father and the very reason why Kya is in the parallel world.


Brazul wears an all black one piece attire, with the bottom of the outfit being skirt like. He has a metal cage as a helmet, the upper body part of his attire is mostly armor with a blend of red designs and a belt with similar properties. Like Kya, his hair is blue, and like Frank, he has a beard.


Brazul's true face


Being the main antagonist, Brazul is inherently bad. However he comes off as a more calm villain and only gets aggravated very few times, when things don't go his way.


In the beginning of the game, Kya is asleep on her desk and the camera zooms in on a photograph of a small Kya. As a child, Kya's father gave her a teddy bear. Due to him vanishing one day, Kya has grown to resent her father. The audience at first has no idea who this mystery man is, but while in the secret room that Frank found, Kya talks about her deadbeat dad named "Alan". After Kya and Frank are sucked into the portal, a strange man in all black uniform appears, unknown to the audience this is his first physical appearance. The Wolfen captured Frank, and upon his orders, Frank was held in The Fortress, and later his laboratory for experimentation. Kya finally meets Brazul after Aton, betrays Kya to save the Nativs. Kya is barricaded by giant crystals and has a battle with Brazul, no one is the victor and Brazul escapes, leaving Kya trapped. In the end, Brazul double crosses Aton as well, he burns down Nativ City as a result. Unfortunately for Brazul, Kya helps rescue the Nativs on a small airship.


Original DesignEdit

In old artwork, Brazul was originally supposed to be a Nativ, and Alan was actually supposed to be a separate person, but in the end the two were combined in the final result and became the same person.


  • Brazul mentions that Kya's world is not the first world he has been to, he says that his race on his home planet went extinct.
  • Brazul was originally designed as a Nativ, and also had a son. (See:Brazul's Son).
  • Brazul shares a similar martial arts style to Kya and the numerous Wolfen.
  • According to Atea, Brazul knows how to choose which world to go to, when using The Medallion.
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