Boomy Vision is a minigame in Kya Dark Lineage. Boomy Vision is located above the fruit store in Nativ City, Kya can get to it by climbing up to it and hitting a rope that releases a ladder for Kya to cross, Kya can also use the Magic Board to get to it.

How it's PlayedEdit

Kya gets three lives. At the bottom of the screen there is a square in a certain color, then a colored firework ball in that color flies up, Kya must hit it with her Boomy in order to get a point before it flies back down, as she gets further in the minigame more and more colored squares and firework balls come out at the same time, Kya must hit them in the order they flew out. Kya loses a life if she misses one firework ball, she can also lose a life if she hits the firework ball in the wrong order.

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