Boomy Storm

Boomy Storm is a move that serves as Kya's ultimate attack and devastating finishing move. Unlike fighting techniques before it, the attack requires both Boomy and more powerful fighting bracelets (namely brown, black, silver, and gold bracelet).


Kya performing this move by focusing some of her magical energy to her Boomy, which then glows in yellow. As she channeled more magic energy into the Boomy, the glow on her weapon become brighter as it eventually enveloped within spherical yellow aura.

Kya Boomy Storm

Boomy Storm in action

Once enough magic energy is accumulated, Kya then throws out her Boomy, forming a straight line of solid energy beam between her hand and the Boomy itself that she swings in circular movement around her like a club/sword before the boomy returned to her hand and dispels the beam, hitting all Wolfen in range. This technique proved to be devastating for her foes, as a single blow of Boomy Storm easily send wolfens and Brazul flying and is unblockable regardless of quantities of magic energy channeled to the boomy. A single blow of fully charged Boomy Storm even easily knocked weaker Wolfens out to the point of instantly unconscious.
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