Original Boomy


Kya hitting a Wolfen, with the Boomy, while riding a Jamgut.

The Boomy is one of Kya's main weapons, it is a boomerang like weapon that Kya secures in her hair when not in use.

There are three different types of Boomy's in the game, each being stronger than the previous and having new functions.

  • Basic Boomy: Is a white-yellow and can be used to cut cords, destroy breakable objects and can inflict damage to small monsters. (It takes a few hits to break a crate).

Price:10 Nooties

  • Silver Boomy:
    Is a silver-gray color, it works just like a basic boomy with the addition that Kya can use it to aim precisely from first person view in order to attack or hit objects and enemies. Being a stronger Boomy, it can destroy Crates instantly.

Price:100 Nooties

  • Golden Boomy: Is a golden-yellow colored boomy, it works like the previous two Boomy's with the addition that Kya can control where it goes, via telepathy. It also have longest range out of all Boomies.


Name Cut Cords Break Crates Defeat Monsters Aim Telepathy Move
Basic Boomy Yes Hit 2x Yes/Varies No No
Silver Boomy Yes Yes Yes/Varies Yes No
Gold Boomy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Despite being Kya's main weapon, the Boomy can only hurt Wolfen via Boomy Storm move, as simply throwing it only distract them, and cause them to look around in confusion as to what happened.
    • As long as Kya is near a number of Wolfen, but not too close, Kya can actually throw the Boomy and trick the Wolfen into thinking that it's Wolfen comrades attacked it, and can cause a fight between the Wolfen.
  • Kya can use the boomy, while on a Jamgut. There are times where she has to keep on moving, and there are targets to hit.
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