There are three types of bombs: Trap Bombs, Electric Bombs and Exploding Bombs.


Electric Bomb

Description:Electric Bombs shoot out electricity in the vicinity.
Activation::They are automatically activated by kicking them towards something/someone.
Obtain:These bombs can be purchased in a shop at Nativ City.
Other: The Hunter, uses Electric Bombs as one of his weapons against his fight with Kya.

Exploding Bomb

Description:Exploding Bombs blow up with a burst of fire, damaging all enemies and objects nearby.
Activation:They must be kicked.
Obtain::Exploding Bombs can be obtained by purchase at a shop in Nativ City; they can also be found in bomb vendors that are scattered across The World.

Time Bomb

Description:Dark brown exploding bombs have a time limit before they explode. When time is almost up, numbers appear above the bomb to show you how long until it will explode. They may also be kicked.

The machine that has all the nativs in it when Nativ City is on fire has cannons that, in a certain order, will appear on the side facing Kya, and will shoot those exploding bombs at her. Bombs may also be shot out of cannons found through out the game, usually manned by a Scrawny Wolfun. Kya can use these cannons to defeat her enemies, explode rocks blocking her way and other various activities.


Trap Bomb (Purple):

Description:Trap Bombs allow Kya to capture rare animals when she or a rare animal attacks the bomb. The purple ones are the ones that Kya can buy for capturing animals.
Activation:Kya must either kick one, or hit it with her Boomy to activate it.
Obtain:Trap Bombs can be purchased at a shop in Nativ City.

Trap Bomb (Brown):

Description:Brown Trap Bombs are much larger than purple ones, they are used by the Wolfen to try and capture Kya and Nativs.

Smoke Bomb:

Description:The Smoke Bomb is used by Kronos Wolfen, during a scene to capture Kya, it is an unattainable item in the game.

Bomb DevicesEdit

Air Pistol:

Description: A land turret, that can be used to shoot bombs. They can be used to blow up boulders, or defeat Monsters and Wolfen.

Bomb Dispenser

Description: A machine that spits out a bomb, when a button is pressed. It is mainly used to destroy boulders in the neighboring area.
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