Item Name Blue Egg
Species Galbos


Atea reveals to Kya, in order to start her mission to find her brother, she must retrieve a blue egg from the Flying Forest. She questions Atea about obtaining a blue egg and what it has anything to do with her mission; Atea says to her that the blue egg is the last one of its kind. Kya must obtain the egg in order to start gathering the runes and finding Frank. Aton assists Kya, by placing signs down to show the entrance to the Flying Forest. When Kya reaches the Flying Forest and finds the blue egg, she picks it up, in which it moves and falls on the floor, causing the egg to crack. A creature (Stuff, flies out of the newly cracked egg and at this point, Atea is able to communicate with Kya telepathically through the creature.



The Blue egg belongs to creatures known as Galbos, a flying species that can allow others to communicate to telepathically. This particular Galbos, Stuff was the last of it's kind, which also means the Galbos are almost extinct.



  • It's unknown what happened to the other Galbos.
  • The Blue egg seemed to have been captured by the Wolfen, it's unknown what they were going to do with it.

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